I turn visitors into customers by fixing UX

UX Boost is the roadmap to increase conversions for SaaS and E-commerce businesses.

Kirill Zima

Improving mobile app onboaridng to get more paying customers?

I help boost onboarding experiences and implement the best practices for high-converting funnels to increase revenue, LTV, and other metrics.

Working on a new website and want to make it right?

Building new things is hard. What's harder is making it better than it was before. But fear not, there's a way to do it.

Need fresh professional eyes to streamline a complex SaaS?

SaaS is complex, but it doesn't have to be. I help create software that customers understand and love because it works seamlessly.
What is UX Boost?

Your UX strategy roadmap to increase conversion

UX Boost is a 3-month service package to increase performance metrics by finding and fixing UX issues.

You get a comprehensive UX analysis, data-driven and research-backed solutions, office hours with an experienced UX consultant, A/B testing support, implementation reviews, and a clear roadmap to enhance user journeys — keeping your users and your business happy.

Kirill Zima

I'm Kirill, your UX and product partner

Over 15 years, I developed 2 superpowers that help improve digital UX.

Enhancing clarity
I help display information and actions simply and logically. Clear copy, easy navigation, and design principles help minimize cognitive load and guide users through their journey.
Simplifying complex
Adding "just one more button" today can quickly complicate an experience in the long run. I specialize in simplifying complex and confusing processes into straightforward user journeys.


A/B tests
I tested hundreds of UX hypotheses to learn what works, so you don’t need to.


User interviews
I spoke with lots of users to learn what good UX actually means, and how to achieve it.


Years of experience
I believe in the power of consistency and repetition when it comes to money.


Experiences improved
I improved more than a billion user experiences for people just like your customers.

What my clients say

We thought we had reached the point of diminishing returns after running dozens of tests on our onboarding paywall. But after one call with Kirill we were able to increase the trial start rate of our paywall by 27.4% 🎉 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU WORK WITH HIM

Testimonial photo
Tyler Scheviak
Growth Lead at Fig

"Kirill helped us to improve first purchase conversion during onboarding after a few key fixes. He provided us with a completely new and fresh perspective on our onboarding."

Testimonials Michael
Michael Astreiko
CEO, Synder

"The work Kirill did helped us get our app ready for the app release. He highlighted a range of issues in the onboarding flow and helped to fix them for the launch."

Testimonials Jay
Jay Jideliov
Founder & CEO, Belong Network

"Our efforts to improve conversion 2 months after the launch in the US were failing one after the other. Kirill helped us understand customers' behaviour and provided meaningful suggestions on what we needed to fix and how to do it."

Testimonials Alex
Alex Gladyshvskaya
CEO, SPOKK Insurance

My results


onboarding and setup completion rate

SaaS, Hotel management


in incremental revenue due to conversion boost

E-commerce, Travel


decrease in customer service tickets

SaaS, Consumer apps


conversions from basket page views to completed orders

E-commerce, Retail

UX done right can do wonders, and there's no magic. With 15+ years of experience and hundreds of repetitions, I identify UX problems and provide tactical solutions to enhance user journeys and improve target metrics.

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Kirill Zima

Why teams love UX Boost

Improved conversion

A simple user experience translates into getting more people who buy from your business.

Streamlined experience

People find it easier when products work in the way they already know and understand. I use best practices to make it happen.

Actionable insights

Very specific suggestions to tackle very specific problems, nothing high-level or vague. Simple changes that make a significant difference for your customers

Fresh eyes

Constant exposure can lead to the 'curse of knowledge' bias. I bring a fresh perspective to illuminate overlooked issues.

Removed bottlenecks

Solving some problems yields much better results than solving the other ones. I help unblock user flows to make your users get what they need.

How it works


I ask a lot of questions just like your doctor would, to understand where you are today, your Point A. We talk about your current business challenges that translate into UX space. Together we define your desired UX transformation outcome, Point B.

Research & investigation

I conduct a comprehensive investigation and use your analytical data to highlight all UX issues. I learn insights from your team and and prioritize issues to tackle first to get to your desired outcome.

Personalized UX strategy roadmap

I create a tailored roadmap to fight the list of prioritized UX issues. Often these would be small targeted design changes — we don’t need to re-design the whole thing. It could also include getting more data, running a survey, etc — whatever we need to make an informed decision.

Execution & results

I will be there to help and support you in executing your strategy to make the transformation happen and bring you to Point B. We’ll see the first results and iterate for the best possible outcome.


You're in a good company

Over the last 15 years, I helped level up user experience and business metrics for dozens of products and services. From startups to international giants, from mobile to desktop, to custom devices. My approach is versatile, and effective across different domains and platforms.

Your first step to better UX and conversions is just one click away.