UX audit
A comprehensive report of your product’s UX in a case study format
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Why product teams love UX audit?
💡 Highlighting friction points
Most people can intuitively feel that their product experience feels wrong. UX audit highlights where exactly that friction is and how to remove it.
🚦 Prioritizing fixes
I’ve run hundreds of experiments on millions of users. This helps me suggest which issues are best to tackle first.
🔬 Suggesting A/B tests
Some fixes are less obvious than others. I help create hypotheses and suggest A/B tests to make meaningful improvements.
🔆 Energizing the team
The team's vision gets blurred once they become very familiar with the product. This means it's hard to have a sharp eye on all the details. Discovering and solving a bunch of issues together makes people more proactive and involved.
UX audit is for teams, who want to improve products by finding and fixing UX issues.
UX audit is a click-by-click forensic analysis of your product's UX
UX audit highlights issues in UI, copy, navigation, business logic, accessibility, and more.
I wear a hat of your customer and go through the app recording my journey. I highlight issues and suggest improvements in UI, copy, business logic, navigation, accessibility, and more.

The study comes in a Google Slides format that's easy to follow and share with others.
See what's inside UX audit
UX audit turns into a backlog
I deliver an excel spreadsheet with all found issues. Issues are organized by type and importance. It's easy to keep track of the issues in the spreadsheet or move it to the backlog.
UX audit suggests solutions
I suggest possible solutions for all typical issues. We'll review them together with your and your team and decide which ones to focus on. We'll meet several times after your UX audit to collaboratively solve problems discovered in the report.
When do you need a UX audit?
Before launching your product
You are about to ship the product, and you need to check if it looks and works well before the start.
When your product looks complicated
Your product already works but isn’t quite as consistent or shiny as you want. You need to figure out where to start fixing things and how to get the most impact with a few key changes.
When many customers drop off
A big chunk of your customers get confused along the way and leave your product, and you aren’t sure how to fix that.
When it’s unclear what to do next
Over time team members' eyes become familiar with the product and often overlook obvious issues. Several attempts to fix things didn't bring good results and the team isn't sure what to do next.
How does a UX audit work?
1. Get in touch
We’ll discuss what you’re trying to solve and how I can help you on this journey.
2. Pick the user journey
UX audit is based on the most meaningful user journey for your product and growth. It can be a live product or even just Figma designs.
3. Get the audit
I complete UX audits on my own, without much contact with the team to avoid biases. I act almost like a mystery shopper. When we need to chat, we chat.
4. Discuss what to do next
I deliver a very lengthy slide deck that’s self-explanatory and great for sharing with the team. You’ll also get a list of found issues, prioritized by importance. We’ll chat after the audit to work on selected issues and help you implement solutions.
Who is conducting UX audits?
Kirill Zima
Hi, I’m Kirill Zima, a product designer at Booking.com, data nerd, A/B testing pro, and user researcher.
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Seasoned product designer
In the past 12 years, I worked on creating and improving products for startups, scale-ups, and corporations.
Meticulous nerd
During UX audits I take a look at the high-level picture as well as the nitty-gritty aspects. My eye for detail leaves no stone unturned.
A/B testing professional
I’ve designed and run 500+ A/B tests to check product hypotheses and make data-informed decisions.
User researcher
I’ve conducted 200+ user interviews and used my knowledge of consumer psychology to catch UX problems when crafting UX audits.
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