Hi, I'm Kirill Zima.
A product designer
based in Amsterdam
I'm a product designer based in Amsterdam.
12 years creating and optimizing mobile and web UX for startups and big businesses.
I have extensive experience in A/B testing and user research and 3 years of experience managing designers.
Product designer based in Amsterdam
Hi, I'm Kirill Zima, a product designer based in Amsterdam.
In the past 10 years I designed and optimized mobile and web customer experience for startups and big businesses.
My approach to design is to always start with a purpose. This is what defines good design. An understanding of what we are solving for.
My tool is data. Data tells you what you ask for. I like to ask often and use data to test my hypotheses to improve design.
People-first and data-informed digital product design. Turning complex requirements into simple experience for 10 years. Leading design teams to success.
I spent last 12 years creating smooth and reliable experiences for digital products and services for up to 10M customers a day.
My key to success is in collaboration, empathy and data-informed approach.
For me design is about purpose. No design decisions should be left to chance. This helps me build and improve products gradually as I learn more about it.
Explain why storytelling is important and how I use it to win people.
Case studies:
Point-of-Sale Cashier Workstation (Verifone)
Design system (Verifone)
Global payments platform (Verifone)
Hotel management system (Booking)
Wishlist (Booking)
Screencasting app (Mirror Meister)
Personalized program (Flo)
Kirill Zima

Point-of-sale cashier workstation

Screen mirroring app

Guest management system